comment of the day: "I much rather have the ugly…

"I much rather have the ugly vacant parking lot in the hopes that someday a piece of good architecture will be built there. The problem is that we have a tendency to except anything on the premise that "it's better than what's there now", rather than demand good solutions. In this proposal even the renderings are dismal, so just imagine when the real thing gets built. It is time that the City of Miami has a proper architectural review board that deals with issues beyond planning and zoning compliance."-My Opinion [Renderings Of Melo's Melody Tower Aren't Very Melodic]

Unarrested Development: It looks like Melo, which…

plftM9N%20crop.jpg It looks like Melo, which Curbed once called the "Kings Of Edgewater," is finally filling the hole in the 'Margaret Pace Park Wall' with Aria on the Bay at 1179 North Bayshore Drive. The 50-story, 674-unit tower is designed by Arquitectonica, a major step up for Melo on the design-o-meter. Construction could begin this fall. [exMiami]

comment of the day: "Melo! Please don’t disgrace the beautiful…

"Melo! Please don't disgrace the beautiful Arts Center with this crap. A building in this location demands creative, exciting architecture. This is a joke!!. If you can't afford it, don't build it! To the city: Stop allowing these wana-be developers free hand in designing buildings that disgrace the landscape. DEMAND BETTER!!!"-thegerr [Renderings Of Melo's Melody Tower Aren't Very Melodic]

rendering reveals: Renderings Of Melo’s Melody Tower Aren’t Very Melodic

Melo Group's rather blasé 36-story, 497-residential unit – the maximum permitted under the zoning code – Melody is now under review at the Planning Department. As the name evokes, it will be just to the north of the Arsht Center, and will also include about 10,000 square-feet of commercial space. ExMiami must have visited in sunglasses and a hat, because they scored the renderings. Aside from the parking garage's vague reference to the Arsht Center's pronounced diagonal strokes, there's not a whole lot going on, from architects Itec Design. Maybe that explains the multitude of street level renderings emphasizing the pedestrian zone, and the sidewalk in front of the building, but even those seem a bit lifeless. It's across the street from the opera, and there's no pizzaz.—Margina Demmer

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Linkage: Swire’s Sky High Ambitions; Developers Get Creative

[Via Curbed Miami Flickr Pool/Emilio]

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Operatic Heights: The Melo Group strikes again. The…

Screen%20Shot%202014-02-07%20at%202.39.28%20PM.pngThe Melo Group strikes again. The prolific father-sons trio plans to build a 497-unit condo tower called Opera Plaza directly across from the Sanford Ziff Ballet Opera House at the Adrienne Arsht Center. The project will also include not-so-mega retail and office space, at 8,690 square feet and 9,028 square feet respectively. [exMiami]

Neighbor[hood] Beefs: Guest Parking A Nightmare At 22 Skyview, Says Resident

IMG_1984.jpg[Photo by Sean McCaughan]

A new resident of Melo's 22 Skyview rental building, who also happens to work for a competing developer (we won't say who, or which) writes to Curbed about the building's allegedly hellish guest parking situation. If you can't find parking "on the grungy and dangerous streets of Edgewater" says our contact "Guests are given two hours to park inside the building. If staying beyond that, no warning will be given and the car will be towed." He/she gives the example of Katie Winslet, whose name we assume is made up:

Sobbing uncontrollably, Katie Winslett was deeply humiliated when her mother's car was towed after staying a few minutes beyond the two hour limit, "She was just helping me move in, had I known, I would never have rented in this building."

Zack Richards explained, "It would be one thing if they had a valet or guests were given the option of paying $5 to stay overnight. But they're not. Instead, guests will find that the zero tolerance parking policy will inevitably force you to the towing company. Once there, you will be met with an exorbitant fine and a big orange sticker that can't be removed except with acid."

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Linkage: Upper East Side Finally Growing Fast; Doral Gets A Downtown

11406030644_a101f1bd7f_b.jpg[Via Curbed Miami Flickr Pool/Kev Cook]

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Construction Watch: The Melos are getting busy at…

bayhouse.jpgThe Melos are getting busy at Bay House, the latest in a long line of condo towers in Edgewater they have built or plan to build. During the Bay House groundbreaking, Melo Group, led by the father-son trio of Jose Luis, Carlos and Martin Melo, distributed more than $1 million in broker commissions for preconstruction sales. The 38-story luxury tower is set to be completed in early 2015. [Real Deal Miami; previous]

Linkage: Berke’s Skylink Idea Is Pretty Rad; The Future Of Wynwood

Screen%20Shot%202013-10-10%20at%2010.33.54%20AM.png[Via Curbed Miami Flickr Pool/keylargo_diver]

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